Gardens I have created are thriving all over the region, from Canberra to Bungendore. 

I am always in contact with clients should they need any advice, or encounter problems.  I love to see my gardens years after they were created, and they are always thriving.

Diverse gardens create important for wildlife, and planting closely reduces the spaces in which weeds can grow. 

 Add colour to your life and garden, with our beautiful Australian flora.

Use of local plants means my gardens are tough!  Plants that have evolved in this region will withstand the searing summer and the freezing winters.  They also cope with the naturally poorly drained soils and have lower water requirements. 

I love to add areas of interest such as dry creek beds and soaks. 

My Showcase Garden, FLORIADE 2007, as seen on Better Homes & Gardens. 

This garden was designed and built with the inspiration of the australian love of beaches, camping and surfing.

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